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The kingdom of Calmaer is located on the Peninsula of Albros, jutting into the Tarlamic Ocean. Green and fertile fields are inland, with rich fishing waters along the coast. Freshwater lakes and rivers dot the land in many places, keeping the villages and cities along the landscape refreshed. An array of islands is located north, south, and west of the mainland, although there are few settlements on the relatively untamed islands. A mountain chain separates the east and west portions of the continent. Although a land of primarily rolling hills, there are a few dense forests.

The Peninsula of Albros enjoys warm summers and suffers cold winters. Although spring, summer, and autumn last longer than the winter, when the winter comes, it is a time for survival. Harsh, sudden snowstorms are common, and entire villages have before been lost, buried beneath tons of snow.

Dirt roads connect most settlements, and lead throughout the kingdom. A trip from the easternmost to the westernmost end of the peninsula would take approximately three and a half weeks to a month.

The humans of Calmaer pay homage to Alrihn, goddess of the health and harvest. Much of the Calmaerean lifestyle is dependent on a good crop or catch, so their worship of Alrihn is more than appropriate.

Main Page

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